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Expertise comes from experience


Our core staff has extensive experience with a range of hardware, software, industries, analysis and applications.

You can learn more about what types of projects can be automated at Why automate. There you will find information about sensing, control, and analysis possibilities as well as types of user interfaces available.

For capabilities of the Group at large, see our Group specialties, arranged by electrical disciplines, mechanical disciplines, software disciplines, industrial processes, creative areas and bonus features.

Read about specific projects in our Case Studies.

Of course you can contact us anytime to find out how we can meet your needs.



Core Staff Expertise



  • MicroChip PIC 12x, 16x, 18x, 24x and 33x
  • Motorola 680x0, 683xx, Power PC, and DSP563xx
  • 8051 and derivatives
  • ADI Blackfin
  • ARM - Including EnergyMicro, NXP and ST32
  • 80x86
  • Zilog Z-80, Z-8, HD64180
  • TI DSP (TMS320, MSP430)


  • keypads, displays, view screens
  • other user interfaces
  • stepper motors
  • line scan cameras
  • credit card readers
  • dollar bill readers
  • receipt printers
  • light sources
  • laser and vision systems
  • RF (radio frequency) sensors
  • IR (infrared) sensors
  • ultrasound
  • computerized cameras
  • custom printed circuit boards
  • custom enclosure designs for dusty or high vibration environments
  • embedded systems design
  • battery-powered devices


  • vending door lock/release
  • wood scanner, chop saw, rip saw, lumber sorter
  • patented hydraulic press
  • automated aggregate separator
  • high-voltage, high-power fuel cells
  • coupon sorter
  • handheld battery-powered devices
  • continuous process line
  • paper mill equipment


  • Avocet and Metrowerks compilers for the Motorola family of processors
  • Archimedes C Compiler for 8051
  • Metalink emulators for 8051
  • EST and HP emulators for PowerPC
  • ICEPIC and ICD for Microchip family
  • Code Composer Studio for TI DSP
  • ADI Visual C++
  • IAR and Keil for ARM
  • various Logic Analyzers
  • oscilloscopes
  • general test equipment



  • SDS C++ for 680x0 and PowerPC
  • Borland C/C++ and Python for Windows
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Blackfin Visual C++
  • Python and gcc for Linux
  • Sun UNIX, X-Windows and general UNIX tools
  • Mitsubishi PLCs
  • Ladder Logic programming for PLCs
  • Various versions of C including: MISRA-C, EmbeddedC and PICC


  • VxWorks, pSOS
  • DOS, Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP
  • Ubuntu, Debian
  • TCP/IP
  • ATM


  • optimization routines
  • stepper motor positioning
  • real-time motion and position control
  • low speed motion control
  • very high speed, real-time control
  • vision-based inspection and control
  • wireless monitoring and control


  • network drivers, including ATM, Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232
  • custom device drivers for ADSL, ISDN, POTS, OC-3c
  • interface drivers for custom FPGA, ASIC
  • display drivers
  • keypad controls


  • ceramic parts manufacture
  • computer design and manufacture
  • controls for thermostats
  • coupon sorting
  • digital data transport
  • flower vending
  • high-speed communications such as fiber to the curb digital transport
  • lumber industry
  • manufacturing secure papers for money
  • materials handling
  • online credit card verification
  • paper and other non-woven materials
  • pharmacies
  • printed circuit boards manufacture
  • retail vending (cash and credit validation)
  • road building
  • telephony and telecommunications
  • textiles
  • wood products, flooring, furniture and cabinets


  • data collection in time-motion studies
  • dollar bill validation
  • image capture
  • pattern recognition
  • defect tracking
  • visual inspection systems
  • barcode interpretation
  • customer support modules for retail receipt and audit printing, diagnostics and fault reporting
  • documentation, test, installation, and customer support
  • construction of system test fixtures
  • interfacing system tests to simulation hardware
  • remote data collection and processing


for more on each application, see our Case Studies.

Sample Application Service Provided
flower vending machine redesigned hardware and software
dollar bill printing designed system to visually inspect security threads
heating and cooling (HVAC) designed remote control
road surface material composition designed controls for vibration separation and analysis of components
high speed woodcutting saws developed protoype, developed optimization software to move saw blades to base cuts on orders and minimize waste
wood defect scanner designed prototype to inspect for visible and non-visible flaws
automatic lumber sorter designed and wrote PLC code
ceramic parts manufacture controlled complex motion of high pressure patented hydraulic presses
printed circuit boards automatic visual inspection for defects
coupon sorting automated process to count 36,000/hr
fuel cells monitored high voltage, high power cells for temperature and voltage safety and alarm
telephone network developed and implemented remote diagnostic methodology, wrote control software for service cards, controlled response of system, upgraded software from copper to fiber system
switched digital video systems wrote drivers and automated high volume load testing for system operating over optic fiber
battery-powered combustion analyzer designed to collect data and search for combustion problems in automobiles
sewing machine modified to automatically attach labels to T-shirts
paper and non-woven materials wrote control software to visually inspect
memory management system designed and implemented system for new hardware used in personal computers

More detailed Case Studies
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