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Corporate Driving Philosophy

Guiding Principles

We are

  • financially conservative
  • motivated by being effective
  • respectful of our customers' positions as experts at what they do

We will

  • research the best solution for each situation
  • be candid if we don't have the answer for a given situation
  • take pride in facilitating our customers' successes


To provide competitively priced electronic and software-engineering services to small through mid-sized working groups or companies, including industrial and manufacturing firms. To supply control systems as a final product for the customer to integrate into their product, to market and to sell.

Our Logo

Our logo includes a connector. That's because we see ourselves that way. It's what we do. We connect software with hardware; we link devices to communicate with other devices; we hook up individual experts and companies who want to use them; and we provide the bridge between possibilities and performance, between ideas and reality.


In 1989, with about a decade of software and integration experience across the United States, Tim Toombs founded the Automation Engineering Group in Cary, North Carolina, to provide contract software engineering.

The company moved to Apex, North Carolina in 1991 and expanded to include more hardware capabilities, such as design of built-in electronics for improving manufacturing processes, collecting data, controlling equipment and monitoring quality.

At present, the Group designs and builds custom devices as components of existing proccess lines or to stand on their own.

The Group plans to expand to include more low-volume manufacturing of custom control devices, while continuing to provide contract software development, documentation and training .

Home Why automate Expertise What we do How we do it Philosophy Career
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