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Case Studies


highlighted applications in service

flower vending

flower vending

Custom hardware and software for flower vending machines.
Bill validation, online credit verification, custom board and enclosure design, low speed real-time motion control, display drivers, keypad controls, stepper motor positioning, door locking/release, and customer support modules for receipt and audit printing, diagnostics and fault reporting.

security threads

security threads

Dollar bill security thread inspection.
Digital camera-based inspection using light sources, pattern recognition and real-time control in existing process line for manufacturing secure paper for printing money.


thermostat controls

Wireless monitoring and control.
Currently active project involving custom hardware and software for remote control of HVAC systems.


road surface

Road surface material analysis.
Separation and very precise weighing of aggregate to determine proper mix of components. Equipment subject to high vibration. Will help to increase durability of road surfaces.


lumber industry

Saw optimization.
Custom software and hardware to inspect wood for visible and non-visible flaws, then optimization of cuts based on orders to minimize waste, and automatically sort cut wood. Prototype development, laser and vision systems, ultrasound, very high speed motion control, durable equipment for dusty environments.

ceramic tube

ceramic parts

Hydraulic presses.
Real-time sequencing and control of high pressure hydraulic presses to form ceramic parts prior to firing.

PC board

printed circuit boards

Custom printed circuit boards for a variety of projects.
High speed camera-based inspection of completed boards for quality control.


coupon sorting

Automated coupon sorting.
Very high speed (36,000/hr) barcode reading, counting and sorting. Real-time control and high-speed material handling.


fuel cell monitoring

Fuel cell safety monitor.
Monitored high voltage, high power fuel cells for temperature and voltage values and set alarms if out of range.



Telephone service control.
Built control software for service cards as part of telephone system infrastructure and sophisticated remote diagnostics, and upgrading software from copper to fiber system.


digital transport

Automated testing.
High volume (hundreds of simulated events per second) automated testing for switched digital video sytems operating over optic fiber, building system test fixtures, interfacing system tests to simulation hardware, device drivers and operating system support modules.


TAL handheld

Automobile Combustion Performance.
Battery powered hand-held devices, user interfaces and remote data collection.


textile labels

Textile industry label machine.
Software to control a machine attaching labels to private label tee shirts: special materials handling for soft materials.

paper towels

web inspection

Paper and other non-woven inspection and grading.
Used line scan cameras for image capture, defect tracking and real-time control in a continuous process line under extreme environmental conditions.

keyboard and mouse

computer design

Memory management.
Designed and implemented a memory management system for new hardware for use in personal computers.

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